Ship Luggage to Peloponnese

Peloponnese is the home of mythical legends. It was here that Hercules battled the Nemean lion, Paris of Troy ran off with Helen, and the Argonauts set off in search of the Golden Fleece. Thankfully the Greek paradise has much to offer mere mortals too. Luggage Mule can provide you with a reliable service, shipping your luggage to your holiday resort at reasonable rates.

Before you go – packing considerations

Weather: It is always worth researching weather prior to your holiday to inform your packing list. In the summer Peloponnese temperatures fluctuate between 30-40°C and travellers should expect frequent heat waves. See our Greece page for more information.

Technology: Due to Luggage Mule’s generous 30kg allowance shipping your technological appliances with you is easy. Cameras, laptops and any other electrical equipment should be packed suitably to avoid damage in transit. Make sure you buy a travel adapter as well.

Shopping: Those who wish to purchase souvenirs and gifts should be sure not to exceed your airline shipping allowance. Many airlines charge £10 per kilo of extra luggage, which can be quite a shock. Avoid the stress and let Luggage Mule deliver all your holiday goodies to your doorstep.

Customs: As an EU member state travel in and out of Greece is fairly comfortable but rules and regulations do apply for EU citizens. Make sure you don’t get caught out. See our Greece and Luggage Mule prohibited list pages for information on what you can and cannot ship.

What can I ship?

Bicycle Shipping: There are many sights to see in Peloponnese from Europe’s oldest monument, the Lion’s Gate at Mycenae, to Ancient Olympia and the Temple of Zeus. What better way to explore the peninsula than on your own two wheels? Luggage Mule is a reliable and reasonable service that can help by shipping your bike and cycle gear ahead of your trip.

Ski Shipping: One of the country’s leading ski resorts is Kalávrita in the Peloponnese region, found just 200km from Athens. Ship your skis and personal skiing kit to Kalávrita and enjoy these stunning slopes without having to worry about finding a pair of skis with the right fit.

Golf Shipping: There are superb golfing experiences to have in Peloponnese including the two courses at the Costa Navarino – the Bernhard Langer-designed Dunes course and the Bay course on the coast. Let Luggage Mule ship your golf gear to you resort and make the most of your international golfing holiday.