The below changes have been implemented in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Having your parcels collected – Safe collections are being carried out by all of our couriers. Drivers will knock on the door before stepping back to a safe distance. Having answered the door, the customer will then leave the parcel for the driver to retrieve, whilst maintaining the advised distance.

Signing for and receiving items – Please be aware that due to changes in the delivery process, most drivers will no longer obtain signatures upon delivery of items. In order to carry out safe deliveries our couriers are minimising contact during delivery. If your parcel can not fit through the letterbox, the courier will place your item at the front door. Having knocked, they will then step back to a safe distance while you retrieve your item.They will not request that you provide a signature but will instead log your name as the person accepting the item. If you are not home, they may leave your item in a safe place, if there is a suitable location apparent. If no suitable location can be found, they will attempt to re-deliver the next working day.

“Will my luggage be X-Rayed?”

Possibly yes, so please do not pack any traditional film cameras. Modern cameras that use a memory card and other electrical appliances will not be affected by X-Rays, but please check out prohibited items list and make sure you can pack them in your luggage.

“Who will collect my luggage?”

One of our courier partners will collect your luggage and take it to it’s destination. We are only partnered with the world’s leading logistical providers & couriers who can offer us and you the very best service, detailed and accurate tracking facilities and the lowest price to transport your luggage and sports equipment. Our couriers are UPS, DHL, DPD and Parcelforce, and provide the worlds best courier services globally for Luggage Mule.

“Where do I leave my luggage for my return journey?”

If you are departing from a hotel, your luggage needs to be with the hotel reception or concierge by 9:00am local time on your luggage collection day, just to avoid a failed collection from an early driver. Please advise the reception or concierge that your luggage will be collected that day and to hand it to our courier, which will be named on your documentation. If you are not departing from a hotel, the courier will simply collect between 9:00am and 5:30pm local time, but most likely after 12:00pm.

“When will I get my Return luggage labels?”

If you have booked a return journey, your return labels will be ready 5 days prior to your departure (return collection date) date or chosen luggage collection date. We will send you another email advising you to print your return labels & instructions. We can generate labels earlier than this on request apart from Austria and some areas in the South of France. Please print your labels in your hotel, at home or at your nearest internet cafe. Your hotel may even print them for free for you in reception.

“When will I get my luggage labels?”

Labels and instructions will be ready to download and print 3 – 7 days before a collection date. If you have booked a collection within 24 hours, your labels will be ready to print before 10:00am on the day of collection.

“What time will my luggage be collected?”

We cannot give a collection time unfortunately, but it will be between the hours of 9:00am and 5:30pm. 90% of our collections are made between 12:00pm and 16:30pm and 80% of deliveries of luggage are made before 13:30pm.

“What is the process if I accidentally send something from the Prohibited Items List”.

Once your luggage arrives at the sorting depot, it will be scanned and placed through security checks. If prohibited or restricted items are found within your luggage, we will be notified in most cases and we will then inform you. However, please don’t rely on this as we require you to track your luggage every day. Please track your luggage everyday to avoid any delays. If any prohibited items are found, a £20 plus VAT administration charge will be charged if we are able to remove this item. Please note that if you choose to do this, these items will be discarded and cannot be sent to you or collected. On some occasions, luggage is simply returned to the sender address. In this situation, no refund will be given for the original delivery and a new booking will need to be placed at the full cost to have your luggage re-collected and delivered.

“What is the best way to attach labels?”

All you need is some very strong duck tape, which you can buy from your local hardware store. This is the strongest tape you can find and is great for sticking to fabric and plastic pieces of luggage. Simply place your printed labels onto your luggage and apply the duck tape around the edge, or around the whole suitcase. You can apply several labels to each piece of luggage,we don’t mind, just in case one does fall off during its journey. You may also want to laminate each label, hole punch a corner and cable tie it to the handle. This is not necessary but a great way to attach a label.

“What happens if I’ve entered the wrong delivery address?”

If you have entered the wrong delivery or collection address on our website, please contact us as soon as possible and we will rectify your labels free of charge (only applicable before a collection or delivery is made). If your delivery address is incorrect once your luggage has been collected, a £20 plus VAT administration charge will apply to rectify it during transit and have it redirected to your new address.

“What am I NOT allowed to put in my luggage?”

Please check our Prohibited & Restricted Items list at the bottom of our Home Page for a full list of items you cannot send in your luggage. General toiletries are fine to send such as shampoo, toothpaste, shower gels and other generic toiletries used for holidays but you CANNOT send Perfumes, Aftershaves or any Aerosol Canisters such as deodorant or hairspray.

“Is there a charge if I miss my collection?”

It is very important that you are available throughout the whole day of your scheduled collection date as failed collections due to you being unavailable will be charged at £5 plus VAT for each time we need to reschedule the driver to collect. Our system enables us to see the reason why luggage was not collected as planned, which is given to us by each driver at the end of each day.

“I’ve missed my collection, what do I do?”

We cannot give you a specific collection time unfortunately so you need to be available to hand your luggage to our drivers between 9:00am and 5:30pm. If you miss our driver for whatever reason, we will need to rearrange the collection for the next working day so please contact us via our contact page, along with your booking reference number and we can rearrange it for £5 plus VAT. It may also be possible for you to use a local UPS drop off point if you have been sent UPS labels.

“How will I know when you will collect my luggage?”

We specialise in delivering your luggage on-time for the date you enter onto the website during the booking. Our website will give you the perfect collection date to ensure your luggage arrives on time, which is displayed on page 2 of our website once you have clicked GET PRICE. Of course, you can change this collection date that is displayed simply by changing the arrival date of your luggage.

“How many days in advance do I need to book?”

We can arrange a next day collection if we receive the booking details before 10:30pm the day prior your preferred collection date (Monday to Friday only). Our service in the UK is a 24 to 48 hour service and a 3-5 working day delivery within Europe and so we require a minimum of 3-5 working days to ensure an ‘On-Time Delivery’. The website will give you the perfect collection date once you have entered where your luggage is going and your arrival date.

“How long will my luggage take to get home?”

This varies as well, depending on which country we are collecting from. However, it’s approximately the same amount of time as it had taken to get there. Generally 3-7 working days globally.

“How long does it take for my luggage to arrive?”

Each country varies in delivery transit times, but our website will tell you how long it will take to arrive when you make the booking to ensure an on-time delivery. We give you the best day for a collection to ensure it is delivered on time. If you change that date, you must understand that the delivery date also changes. Don’t worry though, we deliver most pieces of luggage the day before your arrival date so we can inform you that it’s waiting for you at your destination. Most deliveries in Europe are made within 3-5 working days, 24-48 hours within the UK and 5-7 working days outside of the EU.

“How do I prepare my luggage for collection?”

We will email your labels & instructions 3-7 days before your collection date, but all you need is some strong duck tape (or similar), which is the best way to attach labels to your luggage. If you can laminate your labels, hole punch a corner and cable tie them to your bags too, that is also a great way to ensure your luggage labels are securely attached. Other helpful hints and tips will also be sent with your labels so you know exactly how to attach labels to luggage.

“How do I need to pack my bicycle?”

Each bike needs to be dismantled (not completely, perhaps remove the wheel) and placed within a cardboard box, a suitable bike bag or bike box that is fit for transit, making sure that all delicate parts of the bike are well protected with bubble wrap. Our maximum dimensions vary depending on the bike you are shipping but generally 130cm x 90cm x 30cm OR 148cm x 80cm x 30cm, or somewhere in-between. Your bike can weigh no more than 30kg once packaged. Our standard price is based on 72kg volumetric kg3. If your bike box is bigger than this, we need to know otherwise you will be charged extra. To calculate, simply multiply L x W x D of you bike when packaged, then divide that number by 5000. This will give you the volumetric weight in KG. You can always just check with us via the contact page.

“Has Covid-19 impacted the level of service?”

We are continually monitoring the impact of Covid-19 and taking action where required. We are open for business as usual, however despite our best efforts some shipments may be disrupted.

“Do you collect or deliver on Saturdays or Sundays?”

No sorry, we can’t collect or deliver items over the weekend. It’s simply a Monday to Friday service. However, if you have UPS labels and your luggage is less than 80cm in length and no more than 20kg, you can drop it off over the weekend at a local access point. Find yours here –

“Do you charge for remote area deliveries?”

Once a booking is placed, our team will check your delivery postcode is within normal delivery zones. Very occasionally, there is an additional charge of £16-£28 for a delivery to AND/OR a collection from an area considered as a Remote/Extended Area by our courier. This is generally Ski Destinations and other areas away from major towns and cities, generally found in Spain, France and Italy, but not exclusive to these countries. If you are unsure or simply want to check, please email us and check your postcode/zipcode with the customer service team. This way we can advise you how whether there is an additional charge or not. Additional charges are very rare though.

“Can the labels be sent via post?”

Our offering does not include this service. If you require this then an administration charge of £3.50 incl VAT will apply. To request this service please email at the time of order quoting your reference number. Please note this service is only available 5 working days before your collection date.

“Can the delivery driver call me before collection?”

There is not a guarantee that this will happen but please ensure you provide us with a local country number for the collection address contact as this will help

“Can I track my luggage?”

You can track your luggage in the MY BOOKING/TRACKING area at the top of the page. Just enter your booking reference number and email address to access your labels & luggage tracking service.

“Can I send items in a box?”

Of course, we don’t mind what you use to transport your luggage, as long as it suitable for sending your luggage safely & securely. Boxes, suitcases & sports bags are all fine with us. Please don’t send designer bags or expensive suitcases though as we don’t offer any insurance on the packaging of your luggage as it is designed to protect the items inside.

“Can Customs cause a delay to my luggage delivery?”

For all overseas orders customs delays can happen due to inadequate documentation or random checks. Unfortunately they are completely out of our control however we will of course do everything possible to get your luggage through customs and provide the documentation for you to complete. It’s always best to keep an eye on the tracking everyday and let us know if you think there is a problem in transit.

“Are your dates guaranteed?”

In transport occasionally things can happen that are totally out of our control. Although 99% of deliveries are delivered on time, the odd 1% is late. With European deliveries we endeavour to quote accurate delivery dates but they are estimated dates.  The European vehicles coming to and from the UK can get held up due to the distance they have to travel.

In this current Pandemic climate ourselves along with our couriers are working our hardest with reduced staff and stronger restrictions in place to ensure we aim to deliver as close to the delivery date as possible.

“Are there any additional charges to pay?”

The price you are quoted and pay online is the price you will pay for your delivery, unless your delivery destination is in a remote area. Our team will contact you if there are any additional charges to pay.

Please note that you may have to pay customs charges for the delivery which is based on the information you provide us with and the destination it is going to. These charges must be paid by the customer once the luggage has been processed by customs in the destination country. We cannot pay these charges for you and are in addition to the price you have paid online.

“Are my contents protected from loss or damage?”

We offer £50 complimentary cover via the selected courier for any loss or damage to your luggage contents during transit. This can be increased at an additional cost during the booking. (Please note that this is not Travel Insurance). However, we do not offer any cover for the packaging, whether this is a suitcase, box, sports bag or any other type of packaging used to transport your luggage. Luggage Mule cannot provide any cover for and in no manner will be liable for the loss of or physical damage to certain packages, including but not limited to, jewellery, electronic equipment, personal keepsakes, antiques, fragile items (including glass), unique or one-of-a-kind items or items of unusual value (including, but not limited to, precious metals, or currency). Such items are shipped expressly at your own exclusive risk. A full list of our Restricted Items and Non-compensation items can be viewed on our website –

Time in Transit

England2 days
Scotland2 days
Wales2 days
Milan3 days
Turin3 days
Paris3 days
Calais3 days
Monaco3 days
Toulouse3 days
Munich3 days
Berlin3 days
Brussells3 days
Amsterdam3 days
Dublin3 days
Madrid4 days
Benidorm4 days
Malaga4 days
Nerja4 days
Marbella4 days
Barcelona4 days
Sevilla4 days
Alicante4 days
Rome4 days
Vienna4 days
Salzburg4 days
SKI – FRANCE4 days
SKI – ITALY4 days
SKI – SPAIN4 days
Limoges4 days
Menorca5 days
Portugal5 days
Majorca5 days
Reggio di Calabria5 days
Lecce5 days
Sicily5 days
Athens5 days
Ibiza7 days