• Plan your parcels for Christmas now
    Over the weekend I made a trip to my local Homebase, with the purpose of purchasing a back-up gas canister for the recently acquired patio heater that would enable us to meet friends and family outdoors now that my local area has gone into Tier Two. It’s actually a very […]
  • The Airport Experience in a Covid-19 World
    The banning of hand luggage on all low-cost flights has sent us back to the dark old days of having to arrive at airports at least 2 hours ahead of flight departures because of the fear of lengthy check in queues needed to get your bags in the aircraft hold. […]
  • Are you ready to take a flight?
    Overseas travel is now not only permitted by the Government, holidays are being actively encouraged as the message pivots from “Stay Home” to “Go Out and Spend”. Admittedly the UK Government would prefer it if we holiday in the UK so our economy benefits, but with the weather feeling distinctly “British” and the forecast for the rest of July […]
  • Dominic Cummings – on the periphery of acceptable or utterly irresponsible behaviour?
    To most, I suspect this would be a very short article, and there would be a simple answer – utterly unacceptable and irresponsible behaviour. But for some people, things are not always categorised in “black or white” and there are grey areas. Is there an argument that this matter falls into the grey category?   If the question is taken from […]
  • 14 Day Quarantine or Travel Bubbles?
    The British government’s proposed 14-day quarantine for most people arriving in the country due to be implemented as early as 01 June 2020 in order to try to prevent a second peak of the Covid19 pandemic has been widely rejected by the airline industry who predict it will strangle any hopes of a travel recovery.   Britain’s biggest […]
  • Sending Luggage During Lockdown
    How many of us were caught off guard when the UK went into lockdown? What I mean by caught off guard is where you were when it was announced and for some people that place wasn’t where they would ideally have been? Having to work away from home perhaps, or staying with friends or […]
  • What you need to know about bicycle shipping
    Whether you’re shipping a battered old BMX or a top of the range Pinarello, bike shipping can be a bit nerve-wracking. If you’re travelling with your bike for leisure or for a competition, you need to know it’s being well taken care of. And that’s why a bicycle shipping service […]
  • The rise of bicycle holidays
    It’s difficult to escape the cycling revolution on British roads. Everyone from MAMILS to Brompton Boys throng the roads on the daily commute while cycling for pleasure is on the rise with nearly 14% of adults cycling for fun once a month. It’s no surprise, then, that bicycle holidays are […]
  • Ski holidays – reasons to transport your ski equipment
    Travelling to a ski resort is usually a little more complicated than reaching a summer holiday destination. First of all, it’s winter time – it’s cold and the weather can cause disruptions. In addition, the resort is usually a good distance from the airport, meaning you need to take a […]
  • Our guide to buying a ski bag
    When you spend as much time shipping skis as we do, you get to know a thing or two about ski luggage. There’s a wide range of ski bags on the market, but advice on choosing the right one can be hard to come by. So we’ve put together a […]
  • What to pack for off-piste skiing when you ship your skis
    You’ve shipped your luggage, touched down and caught your transfer to the mountain; you arrive in resort and it’s bucketing. Tomorrow promises blue skies and a foot of powder. You’re itching to get out there and lay down some fresh tracks. We know – when we’re not shipping skis we […]
  • Practical tips to keep your kids safe while skiing
    There’s so much safety gear out there that you could send a bag full of kneepads, body armour and helmets (added bunny ears or angel wings optional) before you even ship your skis. But kit is just one part of being prepared; some basic knowledge goes a long way to […]

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