Excess Baggage Shipping

Excess baggage shipping with Luggage Mule is cheap, quick and easy with our cheap excess baggage shipping rates. Simply tell us where you are shipping your excess baggage to and the date you need it to arrive by and we will guarantee it will be there on time. Don’t get caught out at the airport for huge excess baggage charges. Just plan ahead and send ship your excess baggage ahead of you.

How much does excess baggage shipping cost?

Excess baggage can be difficult to carry and certainly expensive at the airport as the airlines will charge you per kilo for all your excess baggage weight, sometimes even up to £70 per kilo extra on some long haul airlines. However, we can eliminate all of this stress and cost with our international excess baggage shipping service. We specialise in shipping excess baggage all over the world and are one of the leading excess baggage shipping companies around. We simply offer great rates for shipping heavy excess baggage plus the highest customer service levels.

Where can I ship my excess baggage to?

Excess baggage shipping to Australia is one of our most popular excess luggage shipping options. Shipping excess baggage from the UK to Australia is simple and hassle free and the price we quote online is the price you will pay. We offer a low excess baggage shipping rate as standard to anywhere in Australia, whether shipping your excess baggage to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth, we really don’t mind. We will send you all the shipping labels, instructions and customs documents you will need to ensure your luggage is delivered as quickly as possible. Shipping excess baggage to Australia takes approximately 7 working days with Luggage Mule and your excess baggage can weight up to 30kg. You can even ship your bike to Australia. Other excess baggage shipping options include shipping golf clubs as well as shipping suitcases and boxes. Cheap excess baggage rates are hard to find, but our global excess baggage shipping services enable you to send your luggage not just to Australia, but you can also ship your excess baggage to New Zealand too. In fact, at Luggage Mule, our excess baggage shipping is so popular, you’ll find it hard to beat on price and customer service.

Can I ship my excess baggage to the UK?

Excess baggage shipping to the UK with Luggage Mule is simple, cost effective and hassle free. Using our luggage Import service, you can send your excess baggage to the UK from almost anywhere in the world. We collect excess luggage and ship it from the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Asia, as well as obviously shipping excess baggage to the UK from Europe. Simply click our Import service, select the country we are collecting your excess luggage from, enter the date you need to have your luggage shipping to the UK and Luggage Mule will send you everything you need to ship your excess luggage to the UK. We collect form your door and deliver to any UK address. Our cheap excess baggage rates mean you can send suitcases, bikes, golf clubs, skis and even boxes back to the UK with no fuss. We handle all the customs documents for you , send you the labels for each piece of luggage and then just wait for our driver to collect on your specified day, it is really that simple. So ship your excess baggage to the UK and save time, hassle and money with Luggage Mule.

How can I package my excess baggage for shipping?

It couldn’t be easier to ship your excess baggage with Luggage Mule. Your excess baggage can be shipped as within a suitcase or a box, whatever makes it easy for you. If you are shipping your excess baggage to move abroad, then you might have a mixture of suitcases and boxes. Other excess baggage can also be shipped with Luggage Mule such as bikes, golf clubs and ski’s. To ship your sports equipment, simply place it within a travel case, attach the luggage label that we will send you and that is all you need to do to ship your excess baggage to anywhere in the world. We know that extra baggage is hard to manage through the airport so let us do the hard work for you and send you excess baggage with Luggage Mule.

Check out our British Airways, Ryanair, EasyJet and Emirates pages for baggage allowances and excess luggage fees.