Shipping Hand Luggage

Send My Bag Abroad

The Luggage Mule bag shipping service is specifically designed for sending your luggage to Europe, around the UK or even further internationally. We simply give you a luggage label to attach to your bag, we collect from your home and we guarantee it will be waiting for you when you arrive at your hotel, home, villa, golf course or cruise ship for your arrival.

Ship My Suitcase

All suitcases vary in size and are difficult to carry and drag through airports, on & off trains and coaches, or any other mode of transport for that matter. However, you can send a 30kg suitcase with Luggage Mule and never carry your bag on your journey! We offer a bag shipping service to anywhere in Europe from as little as £23.99 and it’s even cheaper round the UK.

Shipping Hand Luggage Suitcases

The majority of airlines allow you to take a hand luggage bag onto the flight for free. Most airlines limit this bag to a maximum weight of 10kg but some airlines only give you 5kg, so make sure you check your hand luggage weight allowance for your flight before your travel.

Alternatively, you can ship your hand luggage suitcase with Luggage Mule from as little as £23.99. Airlines have recently revealed plans to reduce the size they are willing to carry for free meaning that most hand luggage suitcases that you own will be too big to take on the aircraft for free so make sure you check this with your airline before you fly.

New carry-on hand luggage size restrictions

Millions of passengers will be caught out at the airport this year as IATA want to standardise the hand luggage bag restrictions for all airlines. The new guidelines means that the small suitcase that you use to take onto the aeroplane for free is now probably too big. Send your bag with Luggage Mule instead and avoid the drama at the airport check-in desk.

You can send your bag to anywhere in Europe, USA and even as far as Australia and New Zealand. The new restrictions mean that carry-on luggage cannot be any bigger than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, with some airlines charging for anything over 40cm x 20cm x 25cm (roughly the size you need for overnight clothes). Take hand luggage that doesn’t conform to these sizes without booking beforehand and the airline will charge you at the airport to place it in the aircraft hold luggage area, at full airport prices, which can be anything up to £200. Don’t get caught out at a the airport, book your luggage delivery with Luggage Mule and send your luggage instead.

Airline Hand Luggage Restrictions

Emirates, Qatar and Lufthansa airlines have all expressed a desire to apply the new restrictions soon so make sure you send your luggage ahead to avoid the high charges at the airport. British Airways and easyjet’s hand luggage sizes are the biggest at the moment with Virgin Atlantic’s hand luggage allowance even smaller, almost to the size of the new hand luggage restrictions.

The Luggage Mule bag shipping service is designed to remove this stress at cost at the airport by sending your hand luggage ahead. We simply give you a label and a collection date and we guarantee it will be there on time.

Click here for more information on hand luggage guidelines, sizes and restrictions.