Suitcase Delivery Service

The Ultimate Door to Door Service

Luggage Forwarding is a fantastic way to transport your personal belongings around the world without the need to carry it. Let’s face it, being restricted to 20kg is not easy, especially if you’re travelling with children or you need several outfits for different things. And just consider the amount of time you’ll save at the airport!

From the endless queue at the check-in desk to waiting at the baggage carousel at your destination, not to mention the anxious wait to see if your bags have actually made it onto your flight, we can save you precious time and energy, giving you more time to spend by the pool, on the beach, on the golf course or on the slopes.

Why is it better to have your suitcases delivered?

Many people still like to carry & fly their luggage to their holiday using airlines such as Ryanair, EasyJet, Monarch and Jet2 but it can be very costly, especially with hidden excess baggage charges at the airport. Your luggage is also not guaranteed to arrive with you if the flight is full or there is a problem with the baggage handling.

How much to ship a suitcase?

Luggage Mule have the perfect answer to this. Our luggage shipping service is simply an affordable luxury, starting from only £14.99 in the UK and £23.99 into Europe. You can send your suitcase anywhere in the world.

Get an instant quote online using the search box to see all available services. Why not ship your sports equipment at the same time?

How does suitcase shipping work?

Normal services take a couple of days nationally or up to 5 days internationally and everything is sent on our unique economy rate to save you as much money as possible. Suitcases can be send as they are, there is no need to wrap it in anything.

We will send you the luggage labels to attach to the suitcase, give you a collection date & time and we will pick it up and deliver on time – guaranteed!