How to ship a bike

How does bike shipping work?

Shipping a bicycle with Luggage Mule is really easy, fast and convenient. Our bike shipping service means you can travel to your destination hands-free knowing that your bike will be delivered on time. The Luggage Mule bike shipping service guarantees that your bike delivery will be there on time for your arrival.

We ask for your arrival date to anywhere in the world and then give you the ideal collection date to ensure your bike is delivered on time. Bike boxes for shipping can be found in many retailers, but Amazon and eBay have some excellent options for bike shipping bags and bike shipping boxes.

How do I package a bike for shipping?

Our cheap courier rates for shipping bikes mean that you need to package your bike in a bike bag, a bike box or even a simple cardboard box ideal for shipping bikes internationally.

Our weight limit for all bikes is 30kg and our maximum size for shipping a bicycle is 130cm x 90cm x 30cm which is a volumetric weight of 70.5kg. However, if the size of your bike once packaged for shipping is a different size, then our bike shipping service can accommodate this. For example, if your bike shipping box is 140cm x 80cm x 30cm, this size is OK to travel on our bike shipping service because at Luggage Mule, we want to make shipping a bike as easy and as cheap as possible.

For some great tips for packaging a bike for shipping, see this article from CyclingUk.

How do I calculate the volumetric weight of my bike box?

Getting the size of your bike bag or bike box correct and ready for our bike shipping service is important as our cheap bike shipping rates offer a set price for a set size of bike. Our bike shipping service enables you to send a bike up to an actual weight of 30kg but also to a volumetric weight of 70.5kg. It is really easy to calculate the volumentric weight of your bike so just follow these steps.

1. Multiply the Length, Depth and Width of your bike bag or box together – (cm)

2. Then divide that number by 5000 and the figure you will get is the volumetric weight.

For example, 130cm x 90cm x 30cm = 351,000. Then divide by 5000 = 70.2 cm3

How to ship a bike with a courier?

There are many couriers offering bike shipping services internationally but we are truly the specialists, and our independent feefo reviews show this. The review specialists Feefo ask all of our customers independently what they thought of our service.

At Luggage Mule, we offer massive discounts on courier rates for shipping bikes around the world.

UPS bicycle shipping rates can be very high, however, Luggage Mule can offer you the same UPS shipping service for shipping your bicycle but at a massive discount because we ship thousands of bikes internationally each year.

Our DHL bike shipping service is also available as we choose the cheapest way to get your bike shipped from A to B.

With DHL we can ship your bike from Australia to the UK as well ask ship bikes from USA to UK, ship bikes from Asia to UK and our bike shipping service from New Zealand to UK is available via our DHL bike shipping service. We simply offer the same world class DHL bike shipping service, but with a cheap courier rate and we take the hassle out of dealing with the courier directly.

Sending your bike with Luggage Mule couldn’t not be easier! We’re happy to help. Contact us today to find out how we can start your cycling holiday early!