Eurostar Luggage Shipping

Carrying your luggage on any train is hard work and Eurostar is no different. With an adult ticket, you can actually take 2 large suitcases and a hand luggage size, but who can carry this amount of luggage?

Luggage Mule can ship it door to door for you so you can travel hands free or with a small, manageable, hand luggage bag. We collect luggage from anywhere globally and deliver it directly to your door. Within Europe, our door to door luggage delivery service is really fast, even on our economy luggage shipping rates. France to UK or UK to France from example, it only takes 3 days.

How much luggage can I carry on Eurostar?

The luggage allowance on a Eurostar train is really good, but realistically who can carry that amount of luggage? Not to mention, if everyone does this, where will they fit on the train? Eurostar offer another service that you pay for called EuroDispatch but again why bother when you can book your luggage delivery from door to door and have your luggage delivered for you.

Can I take a Bike on Eurostar?

Yes, however there are restrictions and the rules can change depending on volume of passengers and the season. In addition, your bike needs to be no longer than 85cm for it to be included in the luggage allowance. Most bikes are much longer than this, even when dismantled and contained within a bike shipping box. Instead, why not simply ship your bike with Luggage Mule?

Luggage Mule will collect your bike on the perfect day to guarantee the on time delivery at your destination, guaranteed! Eurostar will not allow you to take your bike on certain routes which as London to Lyon, London to Marseille, London to Avignon or London to the French Alps, but bike shipping with Luggage Mule means that your bike can be sent on our service for less than you might think, and much easier than taking it yourself on the train.

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