Box Shipping Service

Our box shipping service is available globally enabling you to send your precious belongings ahead, enabling you to travel hands-free. Relocating is a stressful, expensive and time consuming process but with our box shipping service we can reduce all of this for you.

Our luggage shipping service enables you to send boxes, suitcases, sports bags and equipment to your destination at the lowest possible price. So whether you are emigrating on a permanent basis or short term, with Luggage Mule, you can ensure that you have everything you need to make yourself feel at home.

How much to ship a cardboard box?

Our box shipping service is simply affordable luxury, starting from only £14.99 and we can deliver a box to anywhere in the world. Our actual and volumetric weight allowances give you more flexibility when sending a box ahead of your journey ranging from the generic 20kg, right up to 30kg. We even offer a small box shipping option for up to 10kg if your box or cabin bag is something you need to be sent ahead.

If you need to send a really large box, then our bike shipping service will give you the opportunity to do so.  When obtaining a quote select the weight/item below that matches your box size.
10kg – 55cm x 40cm x 25cm (volumetric 11 cm3)
20kg – 70cm x 50cm x 30cm (volumetric 21 cm3)
25kg – 75cm x 45cm x 30cm (volumetric 20.25 cm3)
30kg – 90cm x 50cm x 30cm (volumetric 27 cm3)
Golf Clubs – 20kg; 135cm x 35cm x 35cm 20kg  (volumetric 33 cm3)
Ski/Snowboard – 30kg; 175cm x 30cm x 25cm (volumetric 26.25 cm3)
Bike bag – 30kg; 130cm x 90cm x 30cm (volumetric 70.2 cm3)

It is really easy to calculate the volumetric weight by following these steps.
1. Multiply the Length, Depth and Width of your box together – (cm)
2. Then divide that number by 5000 and the figure you will get is the volumetric weight.

Box Shipping Service | How It Works

Normal services take 24 hours to a few days for any UK domestic luggage shipping, sometimes even 3 days or up to a week internationally and everything is sent on our unique economy rate to save you as much money as possible.

We will send you the labels to attach to the box, give you a collection date & time and we will pick it up and deliver on time – guaranteed! Our fantastic customer reviews will let you know just what our customers are saying about us.