The Airport Experience in a Covid-19 World

Luggage Tips

The banning of hand luggage on all low-cost flights has sent us back to the dark old days of having to arrive at airports at least 2 hours ahead of flight departures because of the fear of lengthy check in queues needed to get your bags in the aircraft hold.

It’s also condemned us to waiting and watching as luggage carousels trundle around at arrival airports, hoping beyond hope, that our luggage is actually on the flight and just happens to be one of the last bags off a full hour after you’ve landed.

So, has Covid-19 put paid to the “speedy traveller” who heads directly to the departure gate and then directly to the taxi queue upon arrival at his destination airport?

Of course not, us speedy travellers just need to adapt and use the solutions offered by my friends at Luggage Mule.

I invested in this business back in 2013 when it first launched as an alternative to outrageous Ryanair and Easyjet luggage cost, where you paid more on a “pound for pound” basis for luggage, than you did to be flown yourself. Although, consumer rebellion has pushed some baggage cost back down, it’s still often cheaper to ship your bags, door to destination door, with Luggage Mule’s land freight partners than it is to check them in to the hold.

On my next trip to Portugal to play golf with two of my sons, I’m simply filling the golf bags with our clothes and sending everything ahead to the hotel with Luggage Mule.

This way I can cut our three hours of pesky mask wearing at airports and reduce my risk of catching Covid-19 by simply cutting down my journey time.

It also means we can all arrive hopefully on simultaneous flights, from different parts of the country and jump in one taxi from the airport, without having to worry about finding a big enough taxi that can take three sets of luggage.

Oh, and yes, I am confident the bags will be ready and waiting for me at our hotel.  With 7 years of operating and thousands of successful deliveries behind it, Luggage Mule is no longer a concept; it’s a proven essential for all speedy travellers.

Happy holidays.