“What is the process if I accidentally send something from the Prohibited Items List”.

Once your luggage arrives at the sorting depot, it will be scanned and placed through security checks. If prohibited or restricted items are found within your luggage, we will be notified in most cases and we will then inform you. However, please don’t rely on this as we require you to track your luggage every day. Please track your luggage everyday to avoid any delays. If any prohibited items are found, a £20 plus VAT administration charge will be charged if we are able to remove this item. Please note that if you choose to do this, these items will be discarded and cannot be sent to you or collected. On some occasions, luggage is simply returned to the sender address. In this situation, no refund will be given for the original delivery and a new booking will need to be placed at the full cost to have your luggage re-collected and delivered.