“How do I need to pack my bicycle?”

Each bike needs to be dismantled (not completely, perhaps remove the wheel) and placed within a cardboard box, a suitable bike bag or bike box that is fit for transit, making sure that all delicate parts of the bike are well protected with bubble wrap. Our maximum dimensions vary depending on the bike you are shipping but generally 130cm x 90cm x 30cm OR 148cm x 80cm x 30cm, or somewhere in-between. Your bike can weigh no more than 30kg once packaged. Our standard price is based on 72kg volumetric kg3. If your bike box is bigger than this, we need to know otherwise you will be charged extra. To calculate, simply multiply L x W x D of you bike when packaged, then divide that number by 5000. This will give you the volumetric weight in KG. You can always just check with us via the contact page.