“Are my contents protected from loss or damage?”

We offer £50 complimentary cover via the selected courier for any loss or damage to your luggage contents during transit. This can be increased at an additional cost during the booking. (Please note that this is not Travel Insurance). However, we do not offer any cover for the packaging, whether this is a suitcase, box, sports bag or any other type of packaging used to transport your luggage. Luggage Mule cannot provide any cover for and in no manner will be liable for the loss of or physical damage to certain packages, including but not limited to, jewellery, electronic equipment, personal keepsakes, antiques, fragile items (including glass), unique or one-of-a-kind items or items of unusual value (including, but not limited to, precious metals, or currency). Such items are shipped expressly at your own exclusive risk. A full list of our Restricted Items and Non-compensation items can be viewed on our website – https://www.luggagemule.co.uk/items/