Plan your parcels for Christmas now

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Over the weekend I made a trip to my local Homebase, with the purpose of purchasing a back-up gas canister for the recently acquired patio heater that would enable us to meet friends and family outdoors now that my local area has gone into Tier Two. It’s actually a very effective heater and you can sit outside for long periods and stay warm.

Now I know that these things are not good for the environment but given that I recently acquired an electric car, and haven’t taken a flight for over 6 months, I felt that my net carbon footprint was significantly down.

On entering Homebase I was hit with the neon lights of numerous blow-up Christmas displays, the big ones that people have outside their house or perched on their roofs . You couldn’t visit this store without knowing that the Christmas season is soon to be upon us. The other indicator over the weekend was my partner stating that she wanted to go into town to buy some early Christmas presents.

Now this got me thinking that maybe this year I shouldn’t leave things too late when it comes to Christmas shopping, and especially if we are unable to see a lot of the people that we usually see face to face. This year I am going to get organised and I am going to use Luggagemule’s new service ParcelPuma and send most of my presents in advance.

Let parcel Puma deliver your Christmas parcels

The great thing the about the ParcelPuma service is that you can send heavy or bulky items for a reasonable price. For example you can send a parcel to anywhere in the UK for up to 30kg for only £13.32. We also ship overseas.