Ship Luggage to the USA

Whether you’re biking along the Californian coast, tucking into ribs in the Deep South or taking a bite out of the Big Apple, there’s nowhere quite like the USA for an unforgettable holiday. Let Luggage Mule ship your luggage to the USA so you can kick back, relax and enjoy the Land of the Free without a care in the world.

Customs: The USA has strict border controls, and it is forbidden to bring almost all fruit, vegetables and meat products into the country. Check the S. Customs and Border website for full details.
Price: One way shipping from £59.99!
Shipping times: 6 working days!
Flights: Flights to the USA range from 7 hours to just over 11. Major gateways include New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and San Francisco.
Currency: US dollar ($)
Language: English
Power: 120V, 60Hz
Visas: Holders of British Citizen passports are eligible for the free ESTA-USA Visa, valid for stays of 90 days or less. If you intend to stay for longer or work in USA, you will need an alternative visa. Use the official Visa Finder to find out which visa you require.
Time difference: The USA has several time zones, ranging from GMT-5 on the east coast to GMT-8 on the west coast.

Packing for the USA

If you’re travelling to the USA during the height of summer (from June to August), be prepared for high temperatures, especially if you’re visiting the deserts of Las Vegas! Sun lotion, sunglasses and a hat are essentials, and it’s worth bringing some long-sleeved shirts to keep those arms covered. Don’t forget your swimming gear if you’re heading to the beach, and your hiking boots if you’re exploring the US’s famous national parks. If you’re travelling between November and March, pack for rainfall and snow, particularly in the north and on the east coast. Last but not least: bring a camera to capture the USA’s iconic landscapes and cityscapes. With Luggage Mule’s USA luggage shipping service you’ll get a 30kg allowance – enough to pack in everything you need for the average USA holiday – and be able to sail through the airport for a stress-free transatlantic flight.

Ship your bike to the USA

If you’re a keen cyclist, there are dozens of reasons to take advantage of Luggage Mule’s USA bike shipping service. Some of America’s best mountain biking is in Utah, including the celebrated trails at Moab in the Arches National Park. Luggage Mule can ship your bike to Utah at reasonable rates, giving you the chance to ride these world-class trails on your own saddle. If you’re keen to try multiple trails in the region, ship your bike to Salt Lake City and hire a car to get around – many trails are within 1 – 2 hours’ drive of the city. If road cycling is your thing, ship your bike to California and explore the coastal trails, including the route from Carmel to Cambria in Big Sur, the Jalama Beach Ride from Solvang, and the Skyline Wilderness Park Trails inland.

Ship your skis to the USA

The USA has some of the world’s most famous skiing resorts. For most skiers it’s all about the Colorado Rockies – think Aspen, Breckenridge and Vail – but you’ll also find great skiing and snowboarding in Utah, Washington, and believe it or not, California and Nevada. Wyoming has the famous Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, while Alaska has Alyeska in Alaska – a little off the beaten track, but garnering some of the largest snowfall figures in the northern hemisphere. Let Luggage Mule ship your skis to the USA resort of your choice at reasonable rates, so you can save time at the airport and get straight onto the slopes when you arrive.

Ship your golfing gear to the USA

Home to three out of four of the golfing world’s ‘majors’, the USA is a dream destination for many golfers. There are great courses all over the country, but in the perpetual sunshine of the west you’ll find year-round options such as Chambers Bay, Torrey Pines, Incline Village, and Desert Willow. Florida also boasts all-level friendly courses including Crandon Park, which has hosted the Senior PGA Tour for the last 20 years. Ship your clubs to the USA with Luggage Mule and play the country’s world-class courses with your own gear.

What to ship home from the USA

Even the most frugal tourist could spend a fortune in the States. The USA produces some of the best New World wines in the world, with the Napa Valley topping the list of places to sup and sip reds, whites and roses. If you’re touring wine regions or visiting vineyards, don’t settle for bringing single bottles back home – with a generous 30kg allowance, our luggage shipping service allows you to buy more of your favourite American wine and have it delivered right to your door.

Other popular souvenirs to ship home from the USA include cultural items such as Native American and Inuit art, ceramics from California and, of course, big-brand fashion from major cities such as LA, Chicago and New York.