Ship Luggage to North America

The sheer size of North America has created a continent of vast cultural and geographical diversity making it one of Luggage Mules top shipping destinations. Whether you’re skiing in the Canadian Rockies, partying in the Las Vegas desert, or sipping Pina coladas in the Caribbean – let Luggage Mule provide you with the perfect, stress free travel solution by shipping your luggage ahead to your holiday destination.

Packing for North America

Always research weather prior to your holiday to inform your packing list. North America can experience weather at both extremes of the spectrum depending on when you go. Bear in mind, North America hurricane season starts towards the end of June and lasts for a few months – make sure you do your research before traveling. See our USA & Canada page for more information.

If your one who enjoys shopping, make sure you don’t exceed your airline shipping allowance! It can be quite a shock when many airlines charge £10 per kilo of extra luggage! Avoid the stress and let Luggage Mule deliver all your holiday goodies to your doorstep.

We all now the pains of getting through customs when you’re travelling outside of Europe – make sure you don’t get caught out. See our USA, Canada and Luggage Mule prohibited list pages for information on what you can ship.

Shipping sports equipment to North America

Bicycle Shipping
Whether you’re into road cycling, mountain biking or taking part in one of the numerous cycling events in North America, Luggage Mule can help you, by shipping your bike and cycle gear ahead of your journey.

Ski Shipping
North America has some great ski resorts and arguably some of the best skiing in the world. With some of the world’s most famous resorts; Whistler, Lake Tahoe, and Aspen to name a few, North America’s alpine scene is truly a playground waiting to be explored. Why not ship your skis to your resort ahead and not have the hassle of trying to find the ‘right’ pair of skis when you get there.

Golf Shipping
North America is without doubt the golfer’s paradise with world renowned courses like Augusta and Pine Valley. Let Luggage Mule ship your golf clubs to resort and make the most of your international golfing holiday.