Ship Luggage to Latvia

With its lakes and woodlands and vibrant capital city of Rīga, Latvia is a former Soviet state with its own unique identity. Let Luggage Mule ship your luggage to Latvia so you can make the most of your trip to this small European country.

Customs: Latvia’s place within the EU means that travel between other EU countries and the Baltic state is fairly simple. However, meat products not originating from EU member states are forbidden, as is the transport of pets. Check the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia website for full details.
Price: One way shipping from £32.99!
Shipping times: 6 working days.
Flights: Flights to Latvia usually take over two hours. It’s worth noting that some airports from the UK don’t offer direct flights and sometime a change is required. Major gateways include Rīga, Ventspils, and Liepaja.
Currency: Euro (€)
Language: Latvian.
Power: 230V, 50Hz
Visas: Holders of British Citizen passports or any other EU state citizens are not required to have a visa to travel to Latvia. Other nationalities however may need a Schengen visa. To check the visa requirements of your country visit Schengen Visa Information website.
Time difference: Central European Time, GMT+3.

Packing for Latvia

Summers in Latvia reach 20-25°C, but sometimes as high as 30°C, so pack for the sun with suncream, sunglasses and a hat all musts. Expect intermittent rain, particularly on the shores of the Baltic Sea. January is the coldest month with daytime temperatures regularly dropping to -5°C. Snowstorms are common in the winter when multiple layers, a scarf, gloves and a warm thick coat are essentials. Whatever the weather, shipping luggage to Latvia with Luggage Mule will allow you to land at your destination safe in the knowledge that your clothes have already arrived at your resort ready to be picked up.

Ship your bike to Latvia

Latvia offers a large amount of mountain biking with the woodland region around the city of Ventspils in the northwest offering multiple trials. The EuroVelo, part of the European Cycle Route Network, also has a route in Latvia passing from Ainazi in the north to the southwest city of Liepaja. The route is flat and ideal for cyclists of all levels. Let Luggage Mule ship your bike to Latvia at reasonable rates, giving you the chance to enjoy the Latvian countryside on your own bike.

Ship your golfing gear to Latvia

There are three main golf courses in Latvia. Viesturi Golf Club is a 9-hole course in Jaunmārupe, a short drive from Rīga Airport. Ozo Golf Club, set on the banks of Lake Ķīšezers is also nearby Rīga, and Saliena Golf Club is ideal for expert players as well as beginners. Luggage Mule can ship your golf gear to anywhere in Latvia at reasonable rates with a reliable service, giving you the chance to enjoy these tremendous courses with your own clubs.

What to ship home from Latvia

There are great souvenirs to bring home from Latvia. In the many antiques shops in Rīga on Čaka Iela you’ll find trinkets from Russia and Germany. The designer handbags of Una Vita are another popular item. Made from llama, cow and goat leather as well as wild fox, beaver and mink furs sourced by Latvian hunters, they’re a unique purchase for fashion fans. Foodies will want to visit the Laima factory in Rīga where they’ve been producing chocolate since 1870. If you’re planning to bring back gifts, don’t settle for single items – with a generous 30kg allowance, our luggage shipping service allows you to buy multiple purchases and have them delivered right to your door.