Tour de France bike shipping

Tour de France 2015

This years Tour de France begins on Saturday 4th July from the Netherlands and will cover 3,360km in 21 stages, and will come to an end on Sunday 26th July. Shipping your bike to any stage of the event could not be easier with the Luggage Mule bike shipping service. Simply send your bike from your home to any destination along the route and experience the 102nd Tour de France for yourself. Whether you want to ship your bike to the Netherlands and experience the start of the tour, send you bike to France including the more remote areas of France in Alpe D’Huez, or experience the end of the Tour de France by sending your bike to Paris at the finish line, the Luggage Mule bike shipping service is the best and most cost effective way to get you bike there.

Send a bike to France

Sending yor bike to France could not be easier. Simply place your bike in a bike bag, a bike box or even a cardboard box and the Luggage Mule bike shipping service will collect from your home and deliver to any address you choose. Avoid the high airline charges for bike shipping and avoid the stress of dragging your bulky bike boxes through the airport and have your bike delivered to your destination.

Send a bike from France to UK

Experiencing the 2015 Tour de France should be an enjoyable trip so avoid the hassle of flying with your bike and ship your bike to the UK. Once you have used the Luggage Mule bike shipping service to send your bike to the Tour de France, have your bike sent back home and avoid the stress at the airport. We can collect your bike from anywhere in France as the Luggage Mule bike shipping service can collect from any stage of the Tour de France, such as Le Harve, Rennes, La Pierre Saint-Martin, Plateau de Bielle, Alpe D’Huez or Paris and deliver your bike back home.

Tour de France 2015 – Route

This years Tour de France is almost here so plan ahead and send your bike to France. Click here to get a quote and book your bike delivery to France.

Click here for more information on the Tour de France 2015 route.