Ship Luggage to Thailand

Thailand seduces backpackers and package travellers alike with its beautiful beaches, buzzing cities, ancient temples and fabulous, fragrant food. Let Luggage Mule ship your luggage to Thailand so you can make the most of your trip to Southeast Asia’s most popular destination.

Customs: If you’re importing goods to declare get a Thai customs form from officials at the airport. For details on what you can and cannot import into the country visit
Price: Prices from £138.99 one way!
Shipping times: 6 working days
Flights: Flights to Thailand take around 11 hours. Most major airlines offer direct flights from the UK but other places may involve at least one stop. Major gateways include Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai.
Currency: Thailand Baht (฿)
Language: Thai
Power: 220V, 50Hz
Visas: Thailand regularly changes its visa rules so visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information on immigration and visas. Alternatively, visit to find out which visa you require.
Time difference: GMT+6

 Packing for Thailand

Thailand is one of the hottest and most humid countries in Asia, with humidity hitting highs of 65%. Pack suncream, mosquito repellent, sunglasses, a hat and loose clothing to help you stay cool and comfortable. When it comes to t-shirts, resist the temptation to take a lot as markets sell them so cheaply, particularly on the Khao San Road, it’s easy to pick them up once you get there. A good fitting sweater is also a must because once inside, the air conditioning can be a bit of a chilly surprise. Unless your resort supplies towels we’d also recommend taking your own quick dry towel. As for footwear, pack sandals or flip-flops for the beach, a sturdy pair of trainers for exploring, and hiking books if you’re going off the beaten track.

Ship your bike to Thailand

A lot of Thailand’s top mountain biking is in the centre of the country, including the popular trails at Khao E-to including the beginner-friendly Blue Trail. Use Luggage Mule’s Thailand bike shipping service to get your bike to Thailand securely and at reasonable rates, so you can hop on and explore as soon as you arrive. Alternatively, ship your bike to Bangkok and explore the longer multi-day road routes to Phuket down the east coast, or ride north through the scenic towns of Nakhon Sawan and Kamphaeng Phet to Chiang Mai.

Ship your golfing gear to Thailand

Some of Thailand’s best golfing can be found in and around Phuket on the Andaman coast, including the courses at Blue Canyon Lakes, Mission Hills, Red Mountain, Loch Palm, and Laguna. To the east, at the home of the Heartland Golf School, the Jack Nicklaus-designed Springfield course is one of the country’s best. Luggage Mule’s golf shipping service will ship your golf gear to Thailand ahead of you, so it’ll be waiting for you when you arrive.

What to ship home from Thailand

A bargain basement of cheap trinkets and 50p t-shirts, Thailand’s night markets offer super-cheap clothes, authentic silks and unique craft items. As well as bargain buys, Thailand has some of the world’s most sought-after cultural items, including Thai triangle cushions, lanterns, woodcarvings and paper parasols. If coconuts are your thing, on Koh Samui you’ll find coconut wind chimes, salad spoons and even monkey statues. With Luggage Mule’s 30kg allowance, you’ll have plenty of room to load up on souvenirs of your Thailand trip.