Ship Luggage to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a modern metropolis of bamboo theatres, floating markets, fusion cuisine, and breath-taking skyscrapers. Luggage Mule will ship your luggage to Hong Kong so you can make the most of your trip to this former British colony.

Customs: Hong Kong has strict border controls, and it is forbidden to bring almost all fruit, vegetables and meat products into the country. Check the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department website for full details.
Price: One way shipping from £149.99!
Shipping times: 7 working days
Flights: Flights take approximately 11 and a half hours from Britain. Hong Kong International Airport is the single main airport.
Currency: Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
Language: Cantonese and English.
Power: 220V, 50Hz
Visas: Holders of British Citizen passports are not required to have a visa to travel to Hong Kong. Other nationalities however may need a visa. To check the visa requirements of your country visit Immigration Department website.
Time difference: GMT+8.

Packing for Hong Kong

Summer in Hong Kong is extremely hot and humid with an average temperature of 28°C rising to 32°C during July and August. Suncream, sunglasses and a hat are all musts. An umbrella or waterproofs are also recommended all year round, as even in summers thunderstorms are not uncommon and in September typhoon season hits the region. Shipping luggage to Hong Kong with Luggage Mule will allow you to land at your destination safe in the knowledge that your clothes have already arrived at your resort ready to be picked up.

Ship your bike to Hong Kong

Hong Kong has some superb cycling routes. Beginning along the Shing Mun river, the Tai Wai to Tai Po pathway runs through the Hong Kong Science Park and past the Pak Shek Kok Promenade making it the city’s most scenic cycling route. Alternatively, the Tai Po to Tai Mei Tuk route, in the shadow of the Tsz Shan Monastery, sweeps along the waterfront passing the 17th century Tai Wong Yeh temple. For mountain bike trailists, the 25km Peak to Shek route traverses the Dragon’s Back, a cliff on the D’Aguilar Peninsula that resembles the mythical creature’s backbone.

Ship your golfing gear to Hong Kong

There are several courses in Hong Kong. The historical Hong Kong Golf Club was founded in 1889 by the British, placing it in the top 100 of the oldest clubs in the world. Along side the three courses at the Hong Kong Golf Club there are eight alternative courses in Hong Kong, including Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau in the northeast, Clearwater Bay in the east, and Discovery Bay in the west. Luggage Mule can ship your golf gear to anywhere in Hong Kong at reasonable rates with a reliable service, giving you the chance to enjoy these tremendous courses with your own clubs.

What to ship home from Hong Kong

There are many souvenirs you’ll want to bring home from Hong Kong. Traditional tea such as pu’er, jasmine, or oolong sell well from tea stores and traditional markets. For a piece of culture, purchase an oriental vase from Yue Hwa or Tsim Sha Tsui or a jade sculpture from the Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts. Custom-made traditional clothing is another drawer such as the cheongsam or qipao dress popularised in the west by Kate Moss and Nicole Kidman. If you’re planning to bring back gifts, don’t settle for single items – with a generous 30kg allowance, our luggage shipping service allows you to buy multiple purchases and have them delivered right to your door.