the better way for your luggage to travel

Top 5 Destinations

  • Spain from £30.99
  • France from £29.49
  • Italy from £37.99
  • UK from £15.49
  • Portugal from £42.99

How does it work?

  • We pick up from your house/office
  • No queuing, or carrying heavy bags, you travel straight to passport control
  • Your luggage will be delivered to your hotel

Send items within...

  • A cardboard box
  • Suitcase
  • Sports travel case

Packing tips

  • Print off labels
  • Use extra strong packaging tape
  • Secure to the side of the bag


  • Prepare your luggage for the return by securing all labels & be in Reception by 8am on the departure day.
  • Inform the Receptionist or Concierge that your luggage will be collected today.
  • Your luggage will take around the same amount of time to get home as had taken to arrive.

We allow you to pack selected items such as Suncream, Babybottles and even Toothpaste!

items you can take

A full list of our restricted items list can be viewed by clicking here

Click here  to download the help sheet


If you have any questions, please get in touch.