Calling all MAMIL’s – Send your bike… it’s much easier!

Luggage Services Tips

For those keen cyclists amongst you will know that travelling around the globe with you trusty 2 wheeler is no easy task. Hopping on the back of it and going on your merry way is the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel, which involves somehow manoeuvring a large bike bag or bike box on and off a train, coach, car, or aircraft for several hours, and it’s not fun… at all.

Let’s take the airport for example. Your bike is ready to go, nicely packaged in a handsome, custom-made bike box, perfectly encompassing your little pride and joy of aluminium and carbon fibre. Now the fun really starts – how to get it to the airport? A normal taxi is out of the question because it’s almost 150 centimetres in length so lets go for a large people carrier, but that’s really expensive. Ok what next? I know, I’ll put the back seats down in the car and shove it in there…hey presto! Ah, no wait, where are the bags going to go, not to mention the missus and kiddies? Get where we are coming from?

Luggage Mule recently asked Charlotte Chapman, a Freewheeling France blogger to try out our door to door bike shipping service from her home to a very remote part of France and then back again. In fact, it was actually her husband who sent the bike because the cost of the taxi to the airport in the UK and France, back again plus the airline fee to carry it in the hold was very steep! The self proclaimed MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra) and Charlotte kindly wrote a full, independent review about the service they received from start to finish which can be read in full here.

After facing £580 in additional taxi and transfer costs the MAMIL used the MULE and came out the other end, refreshed from a fantastic weekend of cycling around the beautiful French countryside, without ever having to move the bike box once throughout the journey. From as little as £65 for a UK trip or £194 for a return journey around Europe, send your bike ahead with Luggage Mule and save time, hassle and money on your next cycling trip.

More information about the Luggage Mule bike shipping service can be found here.