Airports & Ryanair VS The Mule


We all know that travelling with luggage is a real pain and generally classed as the worst part of dealing with a trip through an airport.

Speedy bag drops where you still have to queue, waiting at the luggage carousel for your bags, the manoeuvring of a cumbersome baggage trolley with a dodgy wheel and a release brake that you need 3 hands to press down and push forward once you have 80kg of suitcases balanced delicately on top of one-another in order to get any movement from it. Not to mention when you forget that they only accept a £1 coin, which coincidentally you left in the car 3 miles away in the off-site airport car park only accessible by bus every 15 minutes and then you have to reverse the damn thing out of the trolley machine with lunar landing accuracy within a specific time frame before it locks again. All in all, a horrible experience before you’ve seen any light of day in your destination!

Sending your luggage ahead of your trip with Luggage Mule removes all of this unnecessary stress as before you even get to the airport, your luggage will have already have been delivered at your destination.

Ryanair have recently announced that they have reduced their baggage fees from £40 to £35 for a 20kg bag, which on the face of it sounds fantastic, but after a quick search online this is actually each way and so any normal person who travels with 20kg of luggage on holiday to Malaga for example, will still pay £70 each for all of this hassle at the airport and restricted to 20kg. Instead, Luggage Mule offer a much more convenient offer, with a simple door to door or home to hotel & a return to home service for £69.99 to the same destination. On top of that you will have 30kg of luggage instead of 20kg and with the added benefit of knowing that your luggage has already arrived before you step into the airport enabling you to travel hands free, or if you’re smart enough, with your free 10kg of hand luggage giving each person 40kg of luggage on their holiday, for the price of 20kg! Oh, and make sure you don’t accidentally pack a few more kilo’s into your limited 20kg suitcase when flying with Ryanair otherwise you won’t be going anywhere without paying the excess baggage charge of £10 per kilo!

At the end of the day, we are all still going to fly with Ryanair, because they offer the cheapest airfares and their 116 million passengers tells you that. I’m also not afraid to admit that I actually enjoy flying with Ryanair because I simply love how cheap their fares are. I can get from Manchester to France and back to visit family, quicker and cheaper than I can get to a meeting in London on the train, and to me that is great value for money. But I categorically refuse to pay so much for adding a bag to a flight, when Luggage Mule can send it for less, hassle free and with more weight allowance. To me, it’s a no brainer!

Image credit Mark Hodson on Flickr