14 Day Quarantine or Travel Bubbles?

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The British government’s proposed 14-day quarantine for most people arriving in the country due to be implemented as early as 01 June 2020 in order to try to prevent a second peak of the Covid19 pandemic has been widely rejected by the airline industry who predict it will strangle any hopes of a travel recovery.  

Britain’s biggest airport and Europe’s busiest airport (pre-pandemic) Heathrow said that it had been working with the UK Department for Transport on proposals to allow some unrestricted travel. 

Heathrow was quoted in an article by Reuters saying “The proposal would create ‘travel corridors’ or ‘travel bubbles’ allowing free movement between countries or cities that are very low-risk, but potentially blocking flights from high-risk markets to safeguard public health,”  

The airport believes that this type of approach would be less damaging to the economy than the 14 day quarantine. Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary is another opponent to the proposed quarantine and has been openly questioning how such a policy could be adequately policed.  

Whatever outcome materialises its certain that travelling is going to get more complex, and that the airport experience will have added elements, including possible temperature checks and even virtual “Covid19 Free passports” checks. Its yet another reason to try to de-escalate the hassle of the airport process, starting by travelling without any luggage. Travelling is going to be less spontaneous in current times, but that means that you can plan ahead better.

Such planning could incorporate utilising luggage forwarding services  which enable you to ship your luggage before you fly and allow you to pass through the airport more speedily. Neither do you necessarily need to hang around at the baggage carousel waiting for your bags to come out, as the service which Luggage Mule provide sends your bags direct to your end destination, be that a hotel, villa or private residence.